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View Diary: Ann Coulter Advertisers: Update (91 comments)

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  •  Goons? The silly factor has taken over... (0+ / 0-)

    How is Intermarkets or or whoever, 'goons'? At least they're not hiding behind silly screen names, disguising their location and staff (can't say the same about Kos or you) or spouting off about things they don't know anything about. Plus they've been in biz for 10 years. Hardly a fly by night outfit. And if you do a Google search on them, you find no lawsuits ever. Can't say the same about Kos.

    Just because you don't like Coulter, chill on the hate. It'll kill you.

    What did the "goons" at Intermarkets say to you when you contacted them? Did evil little people swoop down on you with helicopters, stealing your puppies and kittens? Maybe they ate your children, too, right?

    BWA HA HA!

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