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  •  I don't know if this will help (13+ / 0-)

    or not, irishwitch, but I found this

    Deliberately Harming a Tree

    In almost every state, a person who intentionally injures someone else's tree is liable to the owner for two or three times the amount of actual monetary loss. These penalties protect tree owners by providing harsh deterrents to would-be loggers.


    The basic rule is that someone who cuts down, removes, or hurts a tree without permission owes the tree's owner money to compensate for the harm done. You can sue to enforce that right -- but you probably won't have to, once you tell your neighbor what the law is.

    at the FindLaw website.

    If I were your friend, I'd be speaking to a lawyer as soon as I was able.  Seems like her property rights were definitely trashed.

    "Ancora Imparo." ("I am still learning.") - Michelangelo, Age 87

    by Dreaming of Better Days on Mon May 07, 2007 at 05:00:09 PM PDT

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