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View Diary: Towards Zero Emissions: The Methane Cycle   (43 comments)

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  •  Just checked FP+P (0+ / 0-)

     It says that (1D)O dominates in the remote regions and is important in polluted areas.  I take that to mean it does not dominate there.  I was wrong to omit that reaction as a source of OH.  It is important.  Thanks for the correction.  btw, FP is at UCI now, not UCR and has been there for some time.  I based my statements on comments I heard from a professor at UCR about polluted air and the dominant sources of OH.  Also, an additional source we did not cover is HO2 + NO, a reaction we happen to be doing at the moment and even H2O2 photolysis which we are using to indirectly produce HO2.  Air pollution gets quite complicated doesn't it?

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