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  •  I am a relatively uninformed person.... (0+ / 0-)

    although probably more informed than the average citizen (because I actually read several opinions on issues!)  However, I saw the Iraq war as a turkey from the start.  Why was this not seen by certain "people in the know?"  One has to believe that they were either a) less informed than they should be, given their positions of power, or b) cynically going with the "winning side" to gain political points.  Obviously many senators and representatives did see this as a mistake or the vote would have been more lop-sided. It is thus difficult for me to understand why a yes vote on the war powers resolution should be overlooked.  In my book both Edwards and Clinton need to go an extra mile of convincing me that they are worthy of the presidency.  I won't say that is impossible, but they did have a choice on a very important issue and they blew it!

    Gore for president 2008!  Please run Al!

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