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    Back on April 30, I posted something similar.

    when people ask these guys about the time required for the escalation to be 'given a chance' they use a metric of American dead, instead of the way-too-easy months, i.e. "Ok Senator, a CONSERVATIVE monthly average of American servicemen killed is 75/month.  So, is what you're saying is that we should wait until at least 450 more servicemen die before we decide what to do?"

    And yes I know that the actual monthly average is much higher.  The example was just to take into account the way a supporter would turn a higher number into a debate as to what the average really is.

    Now I know that we can disagree about the potential casualties here (I actually believe that they will be higher than EITHER of us use for our purposes), but it's a great idea that we stop using the metric of time as a measurer and start asking "so, how many lives are worth this 'chance' that you're talking about?"

    Oh, and you don't really think that they're talking about the BEGINNING of September, do you?

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      I don't think much is going to happen in September or at least not much different than is happening now. I don't think September will be anything more than one more month in a long war. A modest estimate of the cost is roughly 100 US dead, 400 US wounded, $10 billion dollars per month and Congress acts like they are setting up a barbeque at the end of Summer.

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