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View Diary: Sanchez Approved Torture; White House May Be Linked to Decision (169 comments)

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  •  The last sentence of the WaPo article (none)
    by Dana Priest is as follows:
    "The Post deleted several lines from the memo that are not germane to the legal arguments being made in it and that are the subject of further reporting by The Post. "

    What is the "further reporting" about?  Anyone know?

    •  I'd love to know. Talk about enigmatic... (none)
      I loaded the memo but it is 50 pages.  And it caused my screen/computer/whatever to freeze, so I took a break from it...

      I guess we have Gen. Boykin Rules of Engagement: our god is bigger.

      by Marisacat on Sun Jun 13, 2004 at 07:53:33 PM PDT

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