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View Diary: Sanchez Approved Torture; White House May Be Linked to Decision (169 comments)

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  •  They always say that (3.66)
    In Oct 1983, when the marine barracks was blown up in Beirut, reagan blamed Carter.

    In aug 1990, when iraq invaded kuwait, ed meese went on larry king and blamed Carter.

    and there are a few other examples.

    The always talk about personal responsibility, but they never really mean it.   Look at reagan refused to take responsibility for trading arms for hostages.  he insisted that he was only sending the plane loads of missiles to establish good will with iranian moderates.

    Today, when powell and Rice and their  ilk lie, they blame the CIA for bad info (yellow cake, terror stats, PDBs, UN presentation, etc.).  They never take responsibility for anything.

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