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View Diary: Today is our opportunity to bring our troops home. (115 comments)

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  •  Breaking: Bush agrees to "benchmarks" (1+ / 0-)
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    This in response to republicans telling him that if Bush doesn't make the "surge" work by September that they are prepared to "accept defeat" according to the AP.

    President Bush, under growing political pressure, agreed Thursday to negotiate with Congress on a war-spending bill that sets benchmarks for progress in Iraq.

    The turnabout in Bush's position came as Republicans expressed anxieties about the war and the House was expected to pass legislation that would cut off funding for U.S. troops as early as July.

    Of course EVERYONE in Iraq is "Al Qaeda" but Bush... SHOCKER!... says that his escalation of troops has resulted in the insurgents... SHOCKER!... escalating.

    "Al-Qaida is responding with their own surge. Al-Qaida is ratcheting up their own campaign of high-profile attacks," Bush said.

    Finally, Republicans more worried about their jobs after 2008 than helping out their funders (Big Oil et al) have this to say:

    "We asked them what's Plan B," Davis said. "We let them know that the status quo is not acceptable." Davis said the president responded that if he began discussing a new strategy, his current one never would have a chance to succeed.

    Plan B is getting the fuck out of the civil war...

    •  I remain... (1+ / 0-)
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      Cream City

      ...cynically optimistic.

      When Bush actually makes a substantive concession, I'll consider it a victory of the appropriate size.  Until then, I will continue to assume Bush is a fruitloop who won't compromise under any circumstance.

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