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View Diary: The Religious Right vs. the Public Schools (96 comments)

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    Frederick Clarkson

    We need to remember that theocratically minded religious leaders are social dominators who feel no obligation to describe their agenda openly.

    I think Cassandra is onto something.  I think I've even seen some data along the same lines.  But current behavioral data doesn't matter if your end goal is to fundamentally change the society in which people live and the options they have.

    Public schools in America have been a vehicle for social mobility based on merit.  This is bad news if you see the goal of education as teaching people to know their place and stay in it -- and that IS how social dominators see it.  The theocratic leaders are not thinking about just the children of Southern Baptists.  They are thinking about all the children.

    But the members of the flock are focussed on their own children.  The message about "retention" is aimed at them (and also calibrated to stay under the radar of larger public concern).  Furthermore, I believe the "retention" message is not just (or even primarily) about continued church membership after high school.

    These parents want their children to remain attached to family and community.  They want them to stay "close" not just geographically, but also socioeconomically.  Yes, they want their children to be successful, but they want them to be successful within their own socioeconomic stratum.  The "retention" message is really about keeping the children "close."

    Homeland: as in Bantustan, or as in home of the brave and land of the free?

    by homeland observer on Thu May 10, 2007 at 02:13:33 PM PDT

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