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View Diary: Hemp is not like pot. Please make a note of it. Thanks. (127 comments)

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  •  Abotion and tax cuts (6+ / 0-)

    Why is it that many Pro-Lifers are also for tax cuts for the wealthy? Just because A sometimes or even often follows Z does not mean that A always follows Z. I'll second the comments on hippies actually caring about the Earth and hemp is good for the Earth (probably because on some level pot use helps you understand your connection with the Earth and the other people on it with you- a friend once described pot as putting you closer to reality and understanding while alcohol pushed you away from it and I've always thought this was a fairly apt description of the difference in the two drugs). Hemp legalization would also allow farmers to grow an actual beneficial cash crop instead of tobacco to create lung cancer or corn to be made into Twinkies to make American fatter. Hemp's benefits are numerous but that makes it a threat to many corporate interests which, once again, something pot users tend to notice more (some dismiss it as paranoia but as the saying goes: If you're not paranoid, you're not paying attention- smoking pot automatically puts you on the fringe of culture and makes you question the culture that would take away something that you like and makes you feel good).

    It's also true that hemp would cross-pollinate with the outdoor marijuana and render it unsmokeable (a grocery bag of it won't get you as buzzed as an aspirin but it will give you a helluva headache and aching lungs) which doesn't bother most real pot smokers because the indoor stuff is better anyway (though much more expensive). But if the drug warriors actually cared about MJ as a DRUG then they would be PRO-HEMP. The fact that they are anti-hemp is a tell that their motives are probably not as sincere and altruistic as they would have you believe.

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