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View Diary: Hemp is not like pot. Please make a note of it. Thanks. (127 comments)

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    I think that pot should be perfectly legal, no excuses (it's only for medicinal purposes, etc.) but I also think that the policeman, his wife, and his supervisors who lets that slide should all be fired, then prosecuted. That's a lot worse than finding out you've accidently brought home all the pens from the office, then purposely using them and not returning them...  

    "Stealing is stealing," he said. "One too many is too many, whether it's a pen or a box of pens or a carton of pens or a laptop computer."
    < snip >
    "I think everyone is doing this to some degree," he said. "You can only take the ethical theory of relativism so far until it hits you:
    'This is wrong.'
    Many employees see the supply cabinet as a cookie jar without a lid. Roberta Chinsky Matuson, president of Human Resource Solutions, a consulting company in Northampton, Massachusetts, said that because supplies are there for the taking, workers apparently see no problem in grabbing whatever they can -
    to the point that it becomes a habit
    to help themselves to a pen or an extra pad of paper.

    Matuson added that while most companies had an office manager, that person was too busy to police every pen and paper clip. "Psychologically, knowing nobody's watching makes it easier for employees to justify taking more than they should."  
    Employees also may raid the cabinet because they feel overworked or otherwise mistreated. Dr. Doreen Orion, a psychiatrist in Boulder, Colorado, and the author of "I Know You Really Love Me," said that when employees felt unappreciated at work or in life, they lashed out as a way of expressing their dissatisfaction.
    "Their emotions are so overwhelming for them that this is a way to re-establish equilibrium," Orion said.
    What should you do if you suspect that a colleague is stealing supplies? It may be difficult to determine when a co-worker's restocking habits have gone too far. If a colleague goes through a box of paper clips a week, for example, using five boxes each month would not be excessive for that person. Kevin Fleming, an independent business consultant in Jackson, Wyoming, said that unless a company specified limits for each item, it was nearly impossible to determine objectively whether someone was going overboard...

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