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View Diary: 93-Year Old Republican Shows How Bad Bush Has Been For Republican Party (224 comments)

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  •  Very artful. But I'm sick of artful. (2+ / 0-)
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    lgrooney, mudslide

    I'm sick of wink and nod.

    I'm sick of noble words spoken to deceive.

    I'm sick of talking in code when speaking of the future of our country.

    These people are THIEVES.

    They paid off their rich friends (who spent them into power) by cutting their taxes.

    They have stolen our treasure and set up our finances so their friends can steal from us too. (After all, you can't be too rich, can you?)

    And all the time they're doing it, they're lying to us. They're bullshitting us. They know it. We know it. They know we know it but it never stops. Hyperbole can and does kill - we see it everyday in Iraq. We see it everyday in our 'health care' system.

    Reinstate the taxes that were.

    And stop bullshitting me.

    "We're all in this together" -- Harry Tuttle, legendary plumber

    by bablhous on Fri May 11, 2007 at 07:15:16 PM PDT

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