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    I'm in the same situation, but my family is from India.  My ideas of "rich" and "poor" definitely differ from a lot of my friends who have a longer history in America.  And they're also very different from my cousins who live and/or grew up in India.

    What's interesting is that most of the really bad stuff related to poverty -- violent crime, higher disease rates, a breakdown in social cohesion, attacks on women and internal minority groups -- is much more strongly linked to relative poverty than absolute poverty.  It's not how poor you are but how poor you feel.  I'm sure poor people in Greece were still way wealthier than poor people in Afghanistan, but that doesn't particularly help their daily lives, does it?

    It seems to me that if the "global competition" theory is correct, globalization won't stabilize until we have Mumbai or Nairobi-style slums dotting the 'developed' world.  And as things progress down towards that point, expect all of those poverty-related social pathologies to explode.

    Read James Loewen's "Sundown Towns"!

    by ChicagoDem on Fri May 11, 2007 at 10:37:24 AM PDT

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