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  •  larvae are only planktonic (0+ / 0-)

    for a few hours to a day at most. When they settle they are motile and actually crawl around looking for calcium (I'm assuming chemoreceptors are present, but I couldn't find anything specific). Not sure, but I would guess the larvae doesn't survive if a shell isn't found.

    •  Then it might be just (0+ / 0-)

      luck of the draw.  If they find a home, fine, if not, too bad.  I can accept that, but just have a feeling in the back of my mind that a creature that specialized would have some facility in finding a suitable habitat.  Well, now I have alienated me from the wingnuts: I proposed a hypothesis that might need to be tested.  Please keep your excellent postings coming.  If all goes well I will discuss walnuts and hickory nuts tomorrow evening, if I get all of my chores done early enough.  Warmest regards, Doc.

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