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  •  Swordsmith (2+ / 0-)
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    world traveler, rserven

    That was an eye opener, thank you. While I appreciate the process points on all kinds of levels, it is Swordsmith's field of study that rang my bell.

    I was a senior before it occured to me you could study things simply for the enjoyment of them. Sad, that.

    It never occured to me that science fiction would be considered a field of study. It was just the thing I read. Constantly. My father read the scientist writers of scifi. He brought home paperback books and I followed along behind him, reading Asimov, Smith, Heinlein, as soon as they were published.

    My tastes in SciFi have changed, particulary as I began reading women authors. My favorites are Tepper, Cherryh and Bujold. I'm going to check Swordsmith's diaries for discussions of science fiction.

    Thank you, teachers... I'm glad I stopped by.

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