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    "My constituents are asking me when something is going to happen, whether an indictment is going to be returned or whether the Justice Department is going to make an announcement that there’s insufficient evidence to prosecute Representative Jefferson," Sensenbrenner said. "When can the public expect some news one way or the other on this issue?"

    Gonzales responded that Sensenbrenner knew that he could not talk about ongoing investigations.

    "Well, everybody’s talking about it except you," Sensenbrenner retorted. "I’m just interested in finding out when this matter is going to be brought to conclusion, because we authorize and appropriate a heck of a lot of money to run your department and people are wondering what the dickens is going on."

    Gonzales then said he "had every confidence" that the prosecutors in the case will follow the evidence and take action at the appropriate time.

    Not satisfied, Sensenbrenner tried a different tack. He asked whether Gonzales believed the raid on Jefferson’s office and the legal dispute over the separation of powers that it sparked had slowed a decision on whether to indict Jefferson.

    Gonzales said only that he couldn’t comment but would do so at the appropriate time.

    "Well, I would hope that the appropriate time would be pretty soon," Sensenbrenner said, "because the people’s confidence in your department has been further eroded, separate and apart from the U.S. attorney controversy, because of the delay in dealing with this matter."

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    by NCrefugee on Sun May 13, 2007 at 11:45:07 AM PDT

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