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  •  The first answer is I'm the citizen (0+ / 0-)

    Why go through the antagonizing process in the interval?  Why not let Waxman, Conyers, etc. investigate, let the Blogs see how the pieces fit, and let the MSM follow.  Or any combination of the same?

    It's not my job to let other people do my job. It is my job to direct my representative as to my will. The "practical" answer is that the assault on the nation is immediate and ongoing, and everyday that goes by is another day of entrenchment, another day to erase tracks, another large number of crimes committed against, well, everyone and every bit of America they can get to.

    It's a matter of urgency, we simply don't have the luxury of waiting another 616 days while they work their plans. Just think what they've done to America in just the last 90 days.

    To be honest, I don't see how anyone could deny
    a. rampant abuse of power by Bush/Cheney
    b. extensive public documentation of same
    c. that these abuses can fairly and justly be deemed "high crimes"
    d. a certainty that such abuse will go unabated unless removal occurs
    e. media avoidance/suppression of the very notion of impeachment

    As a citizen I can't depend, as a matter of principle, on media or the Congress to do what's necessary. That's why, here, we are working toward, I think, honing the arguments that will soon be needed, since, like you, I believe the Truth will out.

    In which event we'll have, by then, assembled the whole massive evidence of abuse of power, and honed and pre-rebutted all possible arguments on the matter. This is very productive.

    Little known Constitutional fact: the phrase "executive privilege," does not exist anywhere in the Constitution! Justice Scalia...?

    by Jim P on Sun May 13, 2007 at 09:41:42 PM PDT

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