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  •  Speaking of China... (5+ / 0-)

    The U.S. is now breaking down as a colonial power, while China is ascending.  The U.S. has South America as a sattelite continent, or did, while China is buying up Africa's raw material and importing manufactured goods.  We're still  exporting culture but we are increasingly a source of raw or semi-refined resources more than manufactured goods, of which we import more than we produce.

    So China is buying up Sudanese oil, even as the government slaughters the ethnic minority who would like to not merely be a disenfranchised class, and Nigeria booms, and the mining and forests on the continent go to China as well.

    In South America, Chavez is nationalizing his oil, one of our primary suppliers, while we're really only holding our own in places like Azerbaijan.  It seems like the U.S. thinks it's in an oil war with Russia, when Russia is really just a bully, and not presently internationalist like China.  The U.S. has to start  or foment or perpetuate wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Somalia just for itself to have a hand in the same resources that China gets just for diplomacy from Arab, African and Asian nations.

    Which one is getting a better deal?  Whose growth prospects shine out?

    Hillary Clinton = a colder Segolene Royal / Obama = the new Reagan

    by Nulwee on Mon May 14, 2007 at 09:12:56 AM PDT

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