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View Diary: Colorado may change EV allocation (108 comments)

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  •  Each state has the right to decide (none)
    Maine and Nebraska already split EVs.

    The republicans would be screwed if Illinois or California redistricted a la Texas. Doesn't mean either will happen.

    •  Google turns up nothing (none)
      I Google searched "California Electoral vote split" and "California Electoral Votes Split" and came up nothing, except some wingnuttery here.  I think it would be far too late to do anything about it this election, but we should be cautious for the next election.
    •  California does have a redistricting initiative (none)

      It's listed as an initiative pending with the Attorney General as of June 2, 2004.  So California could get more competitive for Republicans and Democrats by the next election.

    •  Remove that right from the states (none)
      From my softish, proportional representation, European point of view, I say:

      If you want to, do it through an amendment of the constitution, for all the states, at the same time. The Colorado proposal is bad for the state's voting strength, as long it is only done there. I see no reason the system shouldn't be uniform throughout the states.

      Also, it strikes me as unethical, and legally a grey area, to change the rules for the election on election day. Voters will not know what the rules are, when casting their vote. Can that be constitutional?

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