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View Diary: Colorado may change EV allocation (108 comments)

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  •  California (none)
    I saw on MyDD awhile back that this is going to be on the ballot in California too, and that it is a net loser for Dems because of that.
    •  Short term yeah, long term, who knows? (none)
      Imagine what kind of pandering we'd see if California were one of the first to go this way. You'd see a lot of pandering to agricultural interests (which we see anyway, since IA and MO are swingers). But it might be pandering to smaller farms, or organic farms. You'd see a lot of pandering to large cities--which might mean support for pollution controls and public transportation. In CO alone, I imagine you'd see more attention to outdoorsman issues, frightfully close to environmental issues.

      I don't know if we can guess what the outcome would be. But it'd be nice to see politicians pandering to a range of issues, rather than the select few of the closest swingers (and I live in a swinger). Heck, if MI didn't count so much (my state) we could get rid of CAFE standards!

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