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  •  CO ballot measure could give 9 EVs to SCOTUS again (4.00)
    This is a fine way to put Colorado EVs in the judicial branch, leaving Kerry with virtually no chance of receiving them.

    If this passes, it ought not to apply to this year's election.  The US Constitution or Colo. const. could easily be interpreted to prohibit holding an election for which the rules are completely determined by a separate referendum on the same ballot...

    Think of all the people who would vote Green or Libertarian if this passed, especially in a Western state like Colorado.  The mere presence of the referendum on the ballot would distort voter behavior.  And the meaning of a vote would change after the election, once the referendum votes were counted.  Bush would have standing (according to SCOTUS) under equal protection again.

    If the ballot initiative says it applies to the 2004 election, it could be used to invalidate the results, and will if Kerry wins.

    I approve of the idea, but it ought to apply to 2008 only.

    Colorado Dems should object to and oppose the measure as currently framed.

    '...I'm gonna go bop bop bop...whooooap, and then we'll all start dancing.'

    by realign us on Tue Jun 15, 2004 at 10:04:05 AM PDT

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