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  •  ABOLISH the electoral system (none)
    It was done originally so not to trust the people so much as to elect a president directly.
    I remember reading before the 2000 fiasco, when the Bush people discussed a possibility that they will lose the Electorals while winning the popular vote.
    So they planned on turning this country upsidedown, with big protests and riots, so to persuade a few electorals to change their mind
    "As was reported November 1 by the New York Daily News, Bush aides were preparing to launch an anti-constitutional effort to overturn a Gore victory in the Electoral College if Bush succeeded in winning the popular vote. This was to center on the use of right-wing talk-radio and other media attacks to generate a "popular uprising" and pressure Gore electors to switch their support to Bush."
    •  Don't abolish it. (none)
      The reason that the electoral system was implemented was to force candidates to compete outside the cities.  Without it there would never be any visits to small states.

      However I guess the framers didn't see a red/blue divide, where 1 party dominates a state at the presidential level.  This has the effect of removing some states, both large and small, from the presidential race.

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