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View Diary: Colorado may change EV allocation (108 comments)

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  •  Splitting EV = please ignore me forever (4.00)
    Splitting the EV is stupid, and that's not just my opinion but a mathematically PROVEN fact.  It would be like determining the winner of the World Series by just totalling the runs and ignoring who won games.  It has been proven the that EC gives voters MORE power.

    In addition, there is no way any candidate can ever win 100% of the popular vote in a state.  The best a candidate can hope for is 55%-60%.  For states with an odd number of EVs who split them, that means candidates are only fighting over ONE vote.  In a state with an even amount they will be fighting over ZERO votes!!!

    If a swing state splits it's EV, it will become meaningless.  If a non-swing state splits its EV, it will remain meaningless and forever give up hope of becoming important.

    If all state split the EV, there will be new problems with candidates winning the EV and losing the populr vote, and candidates could just stay home and count on national media instead of addressing local concerns.

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