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  •  Bad idea (none)
    First of all, states with four electoral votes would almost assuredly go 2-2, making the way their state votes useless.  Even Hawaii, a strong Dem state would have produced a 2-2 split for Gore and Bush in '00.

    The Swing State Project has a couple of excellent posts on why this would be a bad idea (or idear, as the Good Governor would say).

    I particular commenter really hit it on the nose:

    One thing, as I reflect on my results, is that it becomes tough to accurately represent the opinion held by voters in small states. Small states with an EVEN number of electoral votes, get screwed. Look at Hawaii and Maine, states that went pretty solidly for Gore. Well, they both end up 2 EV for Bush, 2 for Gore. They look like tossups, like New Hampshire or Nevada. For a candidate to come out with an advantage in these states, they's need to get supermajorities in those states. A 60/40 popular vote split is still more fairly represented by a 2:2 distribution in electoral votes than it would be by a 3:1 distribution.

    Then look at New Mexico. Tight, narrow victory for Gore by a few hundred votes. But because it is a small state with an ODD number of electoral votes, the EV distribution has to be 3:2 in Gore's favor, looking like a safe Democratic bastion, which it was not.

    These problems disappear with larger states. But changing this system might lead to some interesting dynamics: Republicans spending a lot of time campaigning in Idaho to try to get the popular supermajority to get a 3:1 electoral vote advantage, spending less time in large swing states like Ohio or Florida because victory is not any better than a narrow loss.

    Posted by: DaveOinSF | October 25, 2003 04:50 PM

    The Policy-oriented part of me says that the only way to go is a national popular vote (perhaps with nationally proportional electoral college to preserve tradition).  The politics junky part of me likes to watch all the states light up different colors and here Tim Russert go on and on about the "trifecta" during election night.

    From Baltimore County? Volunteer for the local party!

    by Lavoisier1794 on Tue Jun 15, 2004 at 01:21:12 PM PDT

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