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  •  Chicago stuffed pizza tips (1+ / 0-)
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    steve davis

    Things I have learned:

    • A convenient way to get the spinach ready while juggling everything else is to stuff it in a big colander, and at some point pour a whole tea kettle of scalding water over it.   Then cold water from the tap, and later you can squeeze the water out and chop it.

      I used to follow a recipe that called for sauteeing the spinach in batches, and it was just too much work.  This way I just set a kettle going and it's one more task out of the way.

    • Either use frozen spinach or baby spinach.  Stuffed pizza is one of my favorite dishes, but it's still not worth de-stemming a pound of spinach leaves.

    • Avoid the urge to put gobs of stuff inside.  There's this misconception that if pizza is going to be thick as a birthday cake, then you must pile all sorts of goodies in there.  This is how flat-pizza folk imagine a 3-inch pizza must be like.

      But stuffed pizza is all about simplicity and blending a few simple things:  cheese, spinach, flavorful dough, and a tomato topping.  It's supposed to taste like one single thing, not a whole dang meal in a bundle.
      I will sometimes add one small eggplant, above the cheese+spinach but below the lid.  That's about the limit of complexity for me.  

    • For dough, 3 cups flour, 1/3 cup cornmeal, 1/3 cup olive oil (and tsp salt, 1 cup water, pkg active-dry yeast, honey).  Combine the dry ingredients while proofing the yeast, and dump all the liquids in together.  This makes two flat pizzas, or one stuffed pizza.

      This dough also makes great focaccia, because it actually tastes like something.  It's also amazingly sturdy.

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