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  •  Thanks for remembering (7+ / 0-)

    I meant to post on this prior to today but got sidetracked.  

    It's a great day and continues to grow - 100 advocates last year, 200 this year.  120 local events last year, 230 this year.

    I was at the press conference today on the Senate side of the Hill - it was great.  Hopefully, this LIVESTRONG Day concept will continue to grow.

    The most beautiful thing about LIVESTRONG is that everyone brings their own interpretation as to what exactly it means to them.  Last year, for example, a guy took kids undergoing cancer treatment and their families to a Yankees game, an entire elementary school spelled out LIVESTRONG, people passed out screening brochures at work, and a music festival and balloon release happened in Alabama.  Each event was unique to the person or group who organized it.

    Take a look at the listing of events this year to see what I mean at

    So give to LAF, or Komen, or the Cancer Society - or better yet, take action and push for more research funding and better access to screenings and detection.

    Yes, we have lots pf issues in this country.  But 1.6 million people in America will be newly diagnosed with cancer this year.  And nearly 600,000 will die from cancer.  You can't tell me it shouldn't be more of a priority.

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