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View Diary: Body armor about to hit the fan - Part I (Updated w/NBC info) (209 comments)

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  •  They have a process that is hard to duplicate (6+ / 0-)

    One of the Army testers screamed " If I can't figure out how this is being done, I'm going to stop testing"  becuase he just could not figure out how Dragonskin was so effective.

    I had a talk with the President of Pinnacle 8 months ago and talk about salt of the earth. He turned down a massive amount of money from AH to sell out ( they bought second Chance armor as the consolation prize for 45 million ) because he refused to give up first right of refusal on quality control as the manufacturing process is just as important as the invention itself.

    In Murray's own words "This is a 20-40 year advancement in the state of the art" of armor protection. He already had a solution using similar but "strengthier" (coinage- we love it) Dragonskin for Humvee that he was working on the Navy with .

    After speaking with him and realizing that the man was probably living on next to nothing and could have walked away with millions, I realized he was the real McCoy. I specialize in analyzing business as a generalist from looking over the finances to the quality of their management and then comparing them to the their competitors. So I worked with Roger on this story and also sent some emails to OC with some of the important findings.

    After I did research on Murray and Pinnacle and AH, I realized who wore the White hats and who wore the Black. O.H. and I arrived at the same place independently. He has done a far better more extensive job of connecting the dots and he writes like he means it. It's riveting stuff. I can't come close.  

    Bottom Line:If approved,  Murray will contract it out because he can't build enough and the manufacturing process is complex with raw materials as important as the process, but he's the type of guy that will stand at the end of the line and put each one through it's paces before he says "approved". I like him and the fact he's lasted this long with 33 employees on small sales against a Goliath who seems dedicated to his demise.

    As someone who owned a company with 33 employees, I can tell you first hand that is as hard as it gets because sales  and profits are usually just not to the point where the company can put much away.

    There's others like him out there. If someone made better body armor than he did, Murray is the type that would say  "this stuff is better than mine" and either re-invent or fold his tent. He really wants to help troops live and he's a true American Inventor.

    I'm sure if he could charge less and stay alive as a company he would. I really believe he's one of the few that understands the importance of what he's doing and puts the process of doing it over any financial considerations above the minimums necessary to keep pushing his ideas along

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    by Dburn on Thu May 17, 2007 at 11:29:24 AM PDT

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    •  The cost is repeated as a factor (2+ / 0-)
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      Dburn, occams hatchet

      They could reduce the variable costs if they mass-produced the armor.

      A military contract would purchase them at a lower per-unit price, definitely.

      Also, even if the U.S. isn't big on Dragon Skin armor, NATO forces might be interested.

      There are more ways to stay alive than rely solely on the ultra-big, corrupt Pentagon.
      Maintaining an army for a hundred years is but to preserve peace. - Isoroku Yamamoto

      by Dragonchild on Thu May 17, 2007 at 04:11:33 PM PDT

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