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View Diary: Ugly American: Greg LeMond, Landis Stage 17 Miracle (98 comments)

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  •  Hello France! (1+ / 0-)
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    Jerome a Paris

    Notice, I said...

    I cannot help but feel.

    I am entitled to write my feelings in my diary and you are entitled to dispute them, but they are my feelings. when I read Euro-press and especially French press I see stories like...No Panache...and all the trash they wrote about Lance.  The greatest cyclist that ever lived, better than eny European ever.

    Big ring use your big ring.

    •  There is a cultural element (1+ / 0-)
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      Alexander G Rubio

      The French love to root for the underdog (see how Poulidor, who often ended up being second, was long the favorite of the public), and they especially love it when there is a decent contest in the race. The way Armstrong ruthlessly, professionally, coldly crushed his opponents earned him grudging respect, but no warm feelings. That does not make his performance any less impressive, it just makes it somewhat unpleasant, which is not quite the same thing.

      Think Microsoft (with more competence).

      •  no one likes getting "blown out of the water" (2+ / 0-)
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        vcmvo2, AshesAllFallDown

        but that doesn't mean the other guy cheated.

        •  There's two different things (0+ / 0-)

          One is saying that the French don't like him, and the other is saying that they are targetting him specifically for cheating.

          He (or Landis) are not targetted specifically. Everybody has been targetted, and those that win races (not just the Tour de France) are under even more scrutiny. Are you saying that because he is not liked, he should not be tested, because that would somehow be unfair?

          •  Who said what? (0+ / 0-)

            I did not say anything that you just said.

            Here we go with the French perspective of an American Cyclist who writes a blog about feeling his pride iss being shamed by yet another American..Lemond...and yes potentially Landis...and you are turning it around to suggest I am defending his innocence.

            I never in my whole diary say he is explicitly innocent or his likability has any relationship to his propensity to be tested.

            Get over yourself Paris.  I just wrote a diary about my own thoughts as a cyclist and how I believe LeMonds testimony to be out of left field.  This is the focus of my entry.

            You better take a few days off the bike, you might have some sun poisoning.  Drink some French wine, enjoy your beautiful country, relax....America is going to win the 2007 Tour as well, enjoy.

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