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View Diary: Michael Moore anonymously pays the medical premiums of his biggest critic (322 comments)

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  •  Aw c'mon. It WAS anonymous and a (20+ / 0-)

    wonderful gesture.

    Next time I tell you someone from Texas should NOT be president of the United States, please pay attention. In Memory of Molly Ivins, 1944-2007

    by truebeliever on Fri May 18, 2007 at 08:35:38 PM PDT

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    •  It clearly wasn't anonymous. (11+ / 0-)

      We're reading about it.

      Wonderful gesture? Well, it was giving someone money. But it was to make a political point rather than a pure act of charity. I'm not going to pretend Moore didn't plan to use this for the film.

      Admittedly, if I really felt the way this critic does, I hope I would have turned it down. I mean, he's a nasty piece of work in his own attitude that no matter who hands you money, you should just take it.

      I'll admit, too, that a friend of mine had a personal run-in with Moore that makes me question Moore's commitment to actual people. As I said, still love his movies, and I will pay out my dollars for Sicko. Still,  there is something about helping someone out just to embarrass them later that rubs me the wrong way.

      •  Good point, you put your finger on it. (3+ / 0-)
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        rhubarb, superhero fan, kyril

        Still,  there is something about helping someone out just to embarrass them later that rubs me the wrong way.

        Dulce et decorum est pro taxcutia mori?

        by Shiborg on Fri May 18, 2007 at 09:59:59 PM PDT

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        •  How is he right? (9+ / 0-)

          Right now, there is ZERO evidence at the moment that Moore did this to embarrass this guy (who, quite frankly, is a total jerk).

          The cynic in me is inclined to agree that this was very   likely some sort of publicity stunt or meant to be used in the film.

          But Jesus fucking CHRIST – we're no better than the Cons when we on the collective left's first reaction to something like this is, "The act wasn't done with pure intentions".

          Kinda makes me wanna vomit on myself.

          At any rate, like I said, this Kennefick guy is a real ass.  Even IF Moore did it to make a point or something...
          <font size="7">YOU STILL
          FUCKING SAY

          THANK YOU!</font>

          You DON'T say, "Well, I appreciate it ONLY if it was actually done out of the kindness of his heart".

          The guy was going broke.  What an ungrateful prick.

        •  hey, freeper (4+ / 0-)
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          bwintx, tbetz, blue vertigo, DrWolfy

          pull my finger.

      •  You're right... (0+ / 0-)

        but I hope it turns out you're wrong.

        If Liberals hated America, we'd vote Republican.

        by ord avg guy on Fri May 18, 2007 at 11:15:33 PM PDT

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      •  what a nasty and scurrilous comment (6+ / 0-)

        based on no reason, just innuendo

        boo to you magenta, boo, boo, boo

        Politics is not arithmetic. It's chemistry.

        by tamandua on Sat May 19, 2007 at 03:14:33 AM PDT

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      •  Hey, My sister and brother n law (4+ / 0-)
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        annrose, Albatross, 4Freedom, flumptytail

        met Micheal and he talked with them for a half hour. They loved him. He could have walked right past them, but stopped and had a discussion. He doesn't put himself on a plain above everyone else.

        "Though the Mills of the Gods grind slowly,Yet they grind exceeding small."

        by Owllwoman on Sat May 19, 2007 at 04:00:15 AM PDT

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      •  But. (6+ / 0-)

        I really felt the way this critic does, I hope I would have turned it down.

        That's just the point; even Moore's harshest critic couldn't pay his own bills in the current framework. His action (in accepting money from an anonymous or non-anonymous donor) proves Moore's point elegantly. If he needed the money that badly and found it humiliating coming from an anonymous donor (that had the potential of being Moore), why didn't he ask for it from a "trusted" resource like Rush et. al.?

        He had the choice and he took it.

      •  Where is your fact for this (1+ / 0-)
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        Rachel in Vista

        I'm not going to pretend Moore didn't plan to use this for the film.

        If you don't like Moore, fine. say it was "self serving", etc.

        Where are your FACTS?  nobody is perfect, nobody is a saint, no ne has a perfect compassionate ride thru life with no negatives. We are all human and imperfect.

        But in this case there is no stone you can throw against Moore except one of envy: yes, envy because you are disappointed on account of a previously held conviction that he is a bad guy that he could ever do something worthwhile and you would then have to change your view.


        Today is the 4th anniversary of the success of "shock and awe". hear the cheering?

        by Pete Rock on Sat May 19, 2007 at 06:59:16 AM PDT

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        •  Envy? (0+ / 0-)

          I'll cop to the fact that I am more inclined to question Moore's motives. It's because a personal friend described Moore pretty much running over a disabled person to do one of his ambush interviews. And, honestly, having been a journalist, I get how Moore could do that. I also get why he'd give money to someone to publicize how much they needed it in order to make a point about the health care system.

          I thought I was very careful to say that I like Michael Moore's work and that I support it and will continue to do so with my pocketbook if nothing else. He has done some wonderful things. He has done brilliantly worthwhile things in his career, and I admire many things about him.

          But, as you say, no one is perfect or saintly. Why do I have to hold actions of Michael Moore above criticism? This seemed to me to be a rather tacky thing to do. I could be wrong. It certainly happens. But from what I know of it, the generosity aspect seems overpowered by the snark.

          That does not diminish my ability to appreciate and even love Michael Moore's work. "Roger & Me" was one of the outright funniest and moving pieces of work I've seen, and I know personally people who were moved to think about their positions by "Bowling for Columbine." Personally, I still think one of the most brilliant pieces of work ever was his TV Nation bit on how American jobs are so great we all want two! It immediately sprung to mind when Bush said, to the woman with three jobs and no security, that it was uniquely American. Uh, yeah, go us.

          I love snark. I appreciate Michael Moore. But he is human, and I can certainly criticize him for an action I see as questionable. In the end, I suppose, it doesn't matter to the woman who most benefited from having the $12,000 donation. But motives can and do matter.

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