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View Diary: Michael Moore anonymously pays the medical premiums of his biggest critic (322 comments)

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  •  We'll see if it's in the film (8+ / 0-)

    If it's in the film, then yeah, it's a stunt.  But somehow, I doubt it.  I can't see how Moore could use it that way without looking like a total asshole.

    Remember that this is public not because of Moore, who even until now has not said anything about it (I'm not sure from the column whether said "friend of Moore" really knew about this, or just thought it was Moore's style).  We know about it because of Kenefick. I suspect that if Kenefick had not gone public, we still would not know about this.

    Kenefick of course has no obligation to do anything for Moore; he owes him nothing, and if he wants to continue dogging Moore, it's no more wrong now than it was before the donation.  I'm not sure why this pushes some folks buttons around here.  Moore did the right thing here.  Even if it wasn't without an element of, well, whatever the word is for "sticking one's tongue out at your critics", it's still the right thing to help someone in need.

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