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    Snakes on a White House

    But as the election neared and Moore  saw that Nader was going nowhere, he begged Nader to throw his support to Gore. Nader refused and Moore drBut it was not just Naderr that caused gore to "lose" in 2000. for , in fact, gore did not lose. Votes were suppressed and votes were stolen. this meme from the left that Americans are morons and voted for bush in enough numbers for him to win is bullshit.
    That said, there was great dissatisfaction with Gore in 2000 - not even counting his not getting Clinton to campaign for him. We look fondly now at Clinton and gore, but back in 2000, Gore surrounded himself with sycophants that had him hugging black men and wearing fluorescent green jackets with puce ties (thanks Naomi Wolf!).
    And lets not forget that neither Gore, not the MSM, ever challenged Bush on his record. If Gore had pointed out to the American public that Bush was a failure at everything he'd ever done, his failures as Governor of Texas, people might have been more informed.
    Let's not blame Moore for Bush being selected by the Supreme Court. We had a coup. And they got away with it.

    "Keep raisin' hell!" - Molly Ivins

    by MA Liberal on Sat May 19, 2007 at 10:21:10 AM PDT

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    •  There would have been no Florida debacle without (0+ / 0-)

      Nader. Moore aggressively supported Nader throughout  the campaign. Only when he sensed what was about to come, in order to avoid culpability, did Moore reverse course. And he didn't do so entirely. If Moore was so concerned, why didn't

      1. ask Nader to drop out of the race?
      1. entirely renounce his support for Nader and endorse Gore?
      1. and ask Nader voters nationwide to vote for Gore?

      He did none of those things. And yes I know that the Nader apologists love to blame everyone else--Dixiecrats in northern Florida for supporting Bush, the media, Gore, the Supreme Court--so that no one can focus on them. But had Nader not polled 96,000 votes in Florida and 22,000 votes in New Hampshire, the debacle would not have happened.

      On top of that, even though he promised not to, Nader campaigned in swing states. He even openly has stated several times that he wanted to destroy the Democratic Party. So yes I do take issue with Nader and anyone who supported him in 2000.

      The Bush folks and the Supreme court would have had a much difficult time in Florida had Nader not been running for president. Moore and the other celebrities, activists, academics, and politicians who supported Nader gave his campaign credibility that it might not otherwise have had. A 50,000 vote margin is much more harder to wipe out than a 10,000 vote margin.

      They would not have been able to get away with it had Nader not been involved. Also Nader took money from GOP supporters indirectly. So yes I hold anyone associated with Nader's campaign accountable for their role in what happened. Moore is no exception.

      I could understand the naive teenager or 20 something voting for the first time. That voter could claim that "he didn't know any better". But the high profile celebrities, academics, activists, and politicians who supported Nader did know better. Moore knew what Bush would be like. That he didn't support Gore is an issue with me. For, as I have said over and over again, if he truly didn't want Bush to win, he would have supported Gore.

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