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  •  There is a huge difference (6+ / 0-)

    between using religion as a tool of fascism and using it as a means of bridging the divide between people. The vast majority of Americans profess some sort of religious/spiritual inclination. This same vast majority is incredibly uncomfortable with how BushCo has used the meme of religion to perpetuate his ideology.

    I have many religious relatives who are disgusted with how Bush has bastardized what faith, religion and spirituality really mean.

    There are people on this website who want the Democratic party to be the party of atheists. That's a recipe for irrelevance in this country. We are the Big Tent, and that means including people who are motivated by their religion to pursue liberal and progressive ideals. It is Democrats who truly pursue "Christian" ideals of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, etc.

    Even down here in Texas where I live, I know many, many liberal people who are also involved in religious activities. So I take great offense to the notion that such people do not belong in the party, should not be involved.

    Very, VERY few "religious" people want to use their phony piety to subvert the government.

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