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  •  Pkistan (0+ / 0-)

    Pakistan is a democratic country where their president was elected by their people, or at least more democratic then Iran..In Iran, the Mullahs makes all the decisions and the Mullahs hates Israel...You can't compare pakistan with iran...Pakistan doesn't have the huge hatred that country like iran,syria have toward Israel...I've never heard a pakistan leader suggesting that Israel should be wipe off the map, never!

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      Iran has legitmate elections.  The religious leaders only get involved when the liberals go too far for their liking.  Pakistan isn't a legitimate democracy anymore, and there are many reports of threats to General Musharraf, which could make their govenrment fall apart and allow their weapons to fall into the hands of terrorists.  Pakistan has been perhaps among the top three sponsors of terrorism.  Their intelligence service has many connections with terorist organizations.

      And what about Israel?  You really think Ahmadinejad is crazy or stupid enough to nuke Israel?

      -5.88, -7.49 "Will you stand up for an energy policy not dictated by the profits of big oil companies?"- John Edwards

      by cjallen on Sat May 19, 2007 at 03:10:27 PM PDT

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      •  The Mullahs in Iran (0+ / 0-)

        The Mullahs runs the show in Iran..I hope you're aware of that...Amahnenejad is just their mouthpiece....At least,musharaf calls the shot in pakistant, and althought they have some rugged fraction in the goverment, it's nothing like Iran which have strong ties with amas and many other terrorist groups in the middle east....

        Iran hate for Israel is huge in compare to pakistan..I don't even think they have beef with Israel.

        Iran is the most dangerous state on the planet..I just can't see how you can disagree with that...Even the russian and the chinnese stated so.

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