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  •  Phone systems and Internet suppressed by Soviets (9+ / 0-)

    In the final decades of the last throes of the Soviet Bloc, phone systems and the beginnings of personal computing were vigousously suppressed among the populace. There was a simple reason for this. Those "advanced" technologies made it incredibly easy for the populace to possibly communicate in ways the government could not control. After the Soviet Union collapsed, one of the first things that had to be done in form bloc countries was installation of modern telecom infrastructure, so business could have a stab as entering the late 20th century.

    By the same token, the power of the Internet and the leveraging of modern video technology lies in the power it places in the hands of average citizens to publish and expose the folly of their government. To put it bluntly, the powers are losing control of the media. They fear this, they know the danger it represents, and that is why you will see ever increasing attacks on the free flow of information on these, our Internet tubes, as those in power try desparately to hold on to control and the message.

    The really interesting thing to watch now is how completely the traditional broadcast media, especially TV and cable journalism, are painting themselves into the corner of oblivion and irrelevancy.

    ABC and CBS were documented to have gone for several days before even breathing a word about Comey's devastating testimony on the complicity of Bush and Gonzales visit to Ashcroft's hospital room, for the purpose of coercing support of what the KNEW was an illegal spying program. Read that again: these two major mainstream sources of journalism SIMPLY REFUSED TO REPORT IT.

    If you can grasp the content of the paragraph, you will understand why I quite literally never waste time anymore watching mainstream news. There IS NO NEWS there. It is all corporate spin, lies, and distraction. You can get more hard news in 15 minutes on this web site alone than in hours of MSM so-called journalism.

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