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  •  Most of us grew up watching the ... (2+ / 0-)
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    ...Democratic National Convention.  As the television droned on through the agenda of the day, my mother would fold clothes and listen while my brothers and I would beg her to change the channel, which she flatly refused to do. More often than not-the DNC mostly served as background noise, as oddly familiar as a vacuum cleaner.

    That 1994 evening, it was my turn as a mom to fold the clothes.  The convention hall was as raucous as ever, the floor noise drowning out speaker after speaker. Once in awhile, I would take a break from what I was doing to try and spot my mother, who was somewhere on the convention floor, moving and shaking with the New Hampshire delegates.  

    The keynote speaker had just reached the podium-a young state Senator from Illinois. The cameras immediately focused on the delegates from his home state, waving signs with his last name.  I turned my attention back to sorting and folding, but after a few minutes, an unfamiliar sound-or lack of it-came from the delegates.

    The convention hall had stilled.

    The speaker-this Barack Obama-had the spellbound crowd in the palm of his hand.

    "They know that parents have to parent..."

    "...people don't expect government to solve all their problems..."

    "...the doors of opportunity remain open to all..."

    I knew-at my very core-that this moment in Democratic politics was important and unforgettable.  That right before my very eyes, destiny had reached out and plucked this young man into a future I'm not certain he even thought possible.

    I was witnessing greatness.

    I called downstairs to my then 19 year old son, "Quick!  Turn the convention on.  You've got to hear this guy."

    I'll never forget his answer.

    "I am listening."

    And we haven't stopped.

    I can't say it out loud because I'm a HUGE believer in jinxes.  So, I'll leave it at this.  

    Barack Obama.  


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