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  •  I've never fully accepted the Womb Envy theory (8+ / 0-)

    Though I think there is much truth to it, somehow it has always struck me as too psychologically complex as a root cause of patriarchy and the male obsession with dominating female sexuality.

    I tend to go for a more societal genesis, the need of men to ensure paternity.  If the woman's womb is not controlled, men had no way of knowing who the father of the child was, and this became more important as property and its control became a part of human society (supplanting, most likely, other ancient values rooted in a Goddess culture.)

    To me, it would be just as easy for men to have developed a psychological social underpinning that was the opposite of Womb Fear or Envy: for example, viewing women as passive, fallow vessels that could only be charged into bringing forth life by the catalyst of the male sex act.  The womb would thus be envisioned as secondary to the male sexual power.

    I do not deny that Womb Fear and Envy play a great role in the continuing plagues that patriarchy inflicts on women in particular and humankind in general, as men fear losing the control they have over women.  Still, I'm not convinced that Womb Envy/Fear is the root cause or deepest underpinning of it all.

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