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View Diary: Feminisms: One Is Too Many (Updated) (308 comments)

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    ...was reflecting on the many birdwalks this thread created, my own included.  I think something like this forces people to question how people could act that way.  The theories, from religion to sociobiology to womb envy, all seem to be reactions to something so terrible and pervasive words, true words anyway, just fail.  

    I wish we'd had just one or two women who had grown up in that context (maybe I missed it though I've read the thread a few times now).  It feels like something, that if you grow up with it, makes as much sense, or at least is as hard to question, as the sun coming up.  It feels like a variation on shame kills -- sometimes by the hand of another, and sometimes by our own.  I can understand that.  I have several friends who shame has killed.  I'm not sure we're so very far from these men, in our actions or beliefs.  

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      It has the feel of truth to me.

      Reading this diary and the comments, I've had the feeling of looking at a window upon some horrific and incomprehensible situation...and your comment suddenly turned that window into a mirror.

      True, we don't (or rarely, at least) actually beat or stone women to death.  Nevertheless, our society still seeks to inflict feelings of shame in women, shame in their sexuality, shame in their accomplishments, shame in their life choices.  That shame at a minimum can act to beat down a woman psychically, killing her spirit, and at worst can indeed drive them to the deepest despair and suicide.

      Yes, in some ways, on some basic level, we are not so very different.

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