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    marina, Pandoras Box

    They were taught to believe that honor killing is right, and they did it the first chance they got.

    Frankly, I haven't the slightest interest in what was going through their heads at the time.

    If they are all executed as murderers, officially or unofficially, they'll never do it again, and perhaps others will be discouraged from doing so.

    If there is a certainty in a population that honor killing = death or worse, they'll stop. Or at least stop doing it in front of camphones. And start as soon as whatever authority was punishing them withdraws.

    But the best long-term way to make sure that this doesn't happen is to make sure that nobody is ever taught again that honor killing and other hate crimes against women are a good idea.

    That's culture change, not law enforcement or covert action. The only way I know of to forcibly change a culture quickly is under extreme life and death stress. The sooner there is no longer a market for Middle East oil, the sooner the culture change will take place.

    Looking for intelligent energy policy alternatives? Try here.

    by alizard on Thu May 24, 2007 at 02:31:06 AM PDT

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