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    plf515, jessical

    my sister just popped home for lunch...and right before she left she said, "Bye slut!", and my response was, "Later bitch!" ...we usually use the pejorative words as terms of endearment...even since we were fairly young. I wonder if that's a generational thing?

    Of course, there's a big difference (as Kath points out) between using it in a sub-group where there's a decided upon definition and using it outside of that where the meaning isn't necessarily a "friendly" one.

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      I'm 47, and my brother and I often refer to each other as "dopey" and "ding-dong".  We even leave messages for each other like that.

      I wouldn't, however, call him 'bastard' or some such.

      Families are weird

      I was liberal when liberal wasn't cool

      by plf515 on Thu May 24, 2007 at 11:16:01 AM PDT

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