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  •  fighting for something that doesn't exist (4+ / 0-)

    its been said here before (i believe by clammyc) but what you are saying is the same.  We can't win this war.  There is no war.  Its an occupation.  

    You can not fight on the side of the "Iraqis", they do not exist.

    I wish someone could get that message to the cowards leading the democratic party.   And i couldn't agree more that if they are doing this because they think it will help them win the next election they are just as bad.  Stand up for what is right.  End the war.  if we lose the election, you can at least say you did the right thing.  Not the first time democrats will lose.  Or the last.  

    Of course since the majority of the country says that we should end the war standing up and doing the right thing would only make you win.

    I'm not sure how you people in the military do it.   good luck.

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