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  •  All it takes to get our power back is to (2+ / 0-)
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    danthrax, InExile

    change the Constitution.

    Our Representatives don't do what we want because they know we can't fire them - at least not on the spot and that is the thing we need to change to get control of the government back.

    We can't fire them because no federally elected official is subject to a recall referendum.

    According to the Constitution the only way a federally elected office holder can be removed from office is by impeachment.

    We need to change the Constitution so that any federally elected official --including the president --( let that one sink in for awile )can be removed from office by a recall vote of a simple majority of the voters in the district which elected him or her.

    The solution is simple but it will take some work.

    Under Article V of the Constitution amendments may be proposed in two ways - by the congress, which will never propose to limit its own power or by the people themselves.

    The people can do it by working through the State Legislatures in two thirds of the States to call for the convening of a new Constitutional Convention.

    Such a Convention can be called only for the purpose of proposing amendments.  Once an amendment is proposed it has to be ratified in the conventional manner and if it does become ratified then the amendment becomes part of the Constitution amd there is nothing the president or the congress or the attorney general or the supreme court can do about it.

    The power of the people to decide how their government will be run is embodied in Article V.

    Use it to change the Constitution and your Representatives will instantly start working for you - or if they don't you can simply fire them and put some one in who will.

    it is truly an idea whose time has come.

    •  I agree with citizen-based power but (3+ / 0-)
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      opinionated, SamSinister, YetiMonk

      just keep in mind that when a Constitutional Convention is called -- EVERYTHING in the Constitution is up for grabs.  Every section, every amendment.

      Just because "we" call it doesn't mean that other majorities exist to overturn sections we actually like.  And some things that Americans prefer in the majority are a little frightening to me.

      So while I'm not against a convention -- in fact, I'm very much for one, we have to be prepared for coordinated, well-funded (yes, even in this matter Big Mondey through Bad Media will attempt to control the boundaries of debate), and motivated attempts to get what they want at our expense.  And we have to counter and counter well.

      Question authoritarianism

      by m00nchild on Fri May 25, 2007 at 05:08:34 AM PDT

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      •  in this climate of fear and terrorism (1+ / 0-)
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        it would be a disaster.

        The Bill of Rights is viewed by a majority of people as a socialist document when it's read to them without telling them what it really is. That was before 9/11.

        •  That is so odd because at the time of its (0+ / 0-)

          own ratification many states delayed ratification simply because there was no Bill of Rights and others I believe made ratification contingent on one being added.

          The Bill of Rights is a list of "Thou Shalt Nots" placed on the Federal Governement.

          Why would the people be afraid of it.

          Besides why would the people be afraid of Socialism.

          They were taught to be afraid of "Godless Communism" because the "Godless Capitalists" were afraid of Socialism.

          This country needs a good dose of Sociaism - like Socialized Medicine.

      •  Remember any amendments proposed have to (0+ / 0-)

        be ratified in the same old way.

        I would feel much better having the people make the rules than the current system where a handful of elites unelected elites are doing it.

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