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  •  I will support ONLY (5+ / 0-)

    individual candidates / office-holders who show they stand with us.  

    I will NEVER again donate money to centralized "front" organizations such as the DCCC / PACs / etc.

    Yo, Hillary:  The next time you want money (not that you fucking need any, you greedy power-mad bitch), go ask Rupert Murdoch.  He just loves helping his trained monkey raise money.  Better watch your back though.. Reid might start moving in on your territory.

    to all:

    I was hoping I would wake up today less angry than I was yesterday, really sorry that didn't happen.  I'm usually not this nasty (read my past comments).  It just seems so fucking hopeless.  GOP in power = war/corruption/loss of rights/economic depravity.  Dems in power = lots of bitching and talking but no fucking action (except for grilling middle management types -- see waxman hearings).

    I don't mean to single Hillary out, but she is the most visible "leader" in our party who continually sucks up to corporatists (yo, you witch.. have you forgotten that Rupert Murdoch spent considerable resources to have your husband Bill IMPEACHED !?!?  The same hand you lick tried to bring down your HUSBAND?)

    And Reid?  Just an old pathetic man who wants to make sure he and his family have lots of $$ in his Alzheimers years.

    If education is a product of environment, why is opportunity the product of genetics?

    by Johnathan Ivan on Fri May 25, 2007 at 05:16:03 AM PDT

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