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  •  There are many parallels between the Soviet Union (2+ / 0-)

    and America under late capitalism.

    1. One party rule (effectively)
    1. One dominant ideology and concomitant compromised culture (by corporatism in our case)
    1. Militarism and imperial ambitions
    1. Mass media outlets under concentrated ownership that provide virtually indistinguishable propaganda disguised as infotainment
    1. Conformist and largely brainwashed masses
    1. Economic system of the Soviet Union could be characterized as state capitalism; ours is state and society in the service of Capital
    1. Repression in the Soviet Union was overt, while here intolerance of views that contradict the interests of the oligarchy/corporatocracy is managed covertly - they are marginalized and consigned to irrelevancy.

    In short, the USA is not equivalent to the old Soviet Union, however there are quite a few disturbing parallels. I dare say that the 21st century United States is a much more sophisticated Soviet Union.

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