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  •  In the end... Illusory choices (0+ / 0-)

    between puppet party A or B is what it seems to come down to.

    A recent CNN poll showed the majority of people are now Independent(42%), Democrat (33%), Republican (25%).

    Some things we might do as an Independent majority are:

    1. Move towards a citizen-based direct voting democracy and away from a representative-based one. Make our direct votes count instead of letting the electoral system override the popular vote. It made sense to elect people to represent us in Washington before we had the information and technological ability to do this ourselves. This could vastly streamline the number of 'representatives' we need.
    1. Create a National Referendum so it is possible to put issues to a direct vote of the people without going through our representatives. Think how much money we'd save if, say, abortion rights were debated and voted on directly by the people. Many states alreadyhave such a process in place.
    1. Primarily vote for incumbents at every election cycle, so the whole bunch gets turned over frequently. Don't allow them to stay around long enough to do long term harm. Make it hard to buy influence. Only keep the ones whose actions clearly demonstrate an advancement of people-based political ideas.

    Of course, each of these ideas will just create another set of problems to deal with.

    Maybe those of us who grew up in the 60's will ultimately be able to help finish the movement towards people-based politics we started way back when. Wouldn't that be a wonderful legacy for a generation to be remembered for!

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