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    So we should keep sending the bill back for a veto, let it get vetoed, send it back, let that get vetoed, send it back again, let it get vetoed again . . . until when exactly?

    We all know what the definition of doing something over and over again and expecting different results is, right?

    Congress can write all the legislation in the world, but only a President can sign a bill into law.  I'm not sure what the complicated part of this is.

    I'm sorry that so many Americans are stupid enough to vote Republican still, but they are, and until that changes, it's silly to think that "America has turned on the war" or any such nonsense.  At least a third of the country is still gung-ho for this war, and until that changes, our legislative system gaurantees that we will be powerless to change the course of the war in any major way without a new President.  

    America has not turned on the war, only about 60% of us have.  And that's hardly enough to make a difference, because one simple fact, which happens to make our country great, even when dealing with frustrations like the current one.  One little, simple fact:


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