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View Diary: Please, Wes Clark, isn't it time "to beat the sh*t out of them"? (156 comments)

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  •  I would have agreed w/ you before this past week (27+ / 0-)

    but now I'm sensing some uncomfortable similarities to say 2003....   It's the "standing up for one's values" thing, and the "strong image" thing....

    Back in 2003, I might not have liked John Kerry much, but in my mind then, it didn't really matter because he was so hands down obviously better qualified than George W. to handle the challenges of the job of President in 2004.  I was wrong for two reasons.

    First, the majority of Americans went ahead and voted for the Worst President Ever, even though they knew he was the Worst President Ever.  As it turned out, Democrats needed a strong candidate with strong and consistent values--who knew?  (Admittedly, we could also have benefitted from some factors like an honest and independent media, etc.)

    Second, it was wrong for us Democrats to settle for a candidate that Iowa and NH Democratic primary voters thought was electable, rather than trying to nominate the candidate who would make the best possible President.  I never thought Kerry would be an especially good President--but that was OK becasue it was so obvious to me that anyone would be better than W.

    Clark, then and now, seemed/seems to me like he has the potential to be a great President, particularly in this uniquely dangerous and challenging world that has developed under 6 years of unchecked reckless Republican/Neocon leadership.  I can't say the same of the other announced Democratic candidates.  I will enthusiastically support Obama, Clinton, Richardson or Edwards in the general election, but I don't any real hopes that any of them will be a great President--just the certainty that they'll be a lot less bad than their Republican opponent.

    This perspective is way too idealistic, I know.  I'd settle for this: right now, in my mid-40s, I can say with confidence that Bill Clinton was the best President in my lifetime.  Before I die, I want to replace him with someone better.  I hope that's not too much to ask.

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