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    You ask:

    Could we, especially given our lack of individual visibility, perhaps find ourselves in custody as individual designated by the President as providing material assistance to terrorists, denied our rights under habeas corpus and the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments?

    Most recently Israel has begun to arrest elected officials in an attempt to curtail terrorists activities. See following link.

    I would suggest that any society that desires to survive as a free society must NEVER allow its fear to subvert or suspend application of the rule of law and due process.  The justifying of any violation of personal rights, the rule of law, or due process is the beginning of long slide toward the antithesis of who we are and wish to remain. In the end, the due process and rule of law we apply to the worst of those who would seek to destroy us, speaks volumes of who we are as people committed to maintaining our freedoms.  

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