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  •  To fight you need..... (4+ / 0-)

    To fight you need a leader. I think America is very close to being ready to undo Mr Bush's Flowers of Evil (See M. Dowd in today's Sunday Times); so just ask yourself, folks, WHO is the most likely LEADER among the viable candidates? I think the answer is quick and obvious: Gore.  He's being a little demure about it just now, but why should he run a big expensive primary campaign and maybe lose to the money interests of Hillary or NObama?  Just maybe Al is the most shrewd one out there -- he could be doing it just right, and will step in and take the nomination from a stalmated group of "front runners," more or less at the last minute.
      I am disappointed in the rhetoric of Gore's new book -- it is frankly dry; it's all there - quite intelligent, well documented (such notes!), but seriously short on metaphor and anecdote. It is a good book, but not a memorable book. But, then NObama's book is pretty damn flat and banal; Gore's book is vastly more sophisticated and well informed than NObama's.
      So read it, but don't expect any laughs or phrases to cherish; it's a bit of work. Like most such, it is worth the effort.  As a paradigm analysis of what's wrong and where to go, it's 100%
       See you at the polls. Goodbye, Hillary!

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