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  •  Cindy, thanks for all you've done. (0+ / 0-)

    We have a situation on our hands in the USA.
    Whatever has increased the "winner take all" phenomenon in all realms, not just politics, needs to be understood and changed.
    Over the past two or so decades there has been a steady relaxing of the rules that restrict the revolving door between Federal government and corporate life, with resultant greater corporate ability to influence public policy.
    Conjoined with that has been increasing privatization  of functions previously done by the Feds.
    And of course there is money buying influence.
    These facts have contributed to the situation today where corporate interests often trump the public interest. That situation won't change unless the  political party "in charge" takes action to start fixing the problem. How do we make that happen ?
    I don't know.
    Perhaps, we the people, and the public interest groups that putatively represent our interests better than the members of Congress, should pose a lowest common denominator public interest platform to candidates running for President and shame them into pledging support.

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