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View Diary: Science Friday: Liberal Blogs in Crisis (75 comments)

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  •  Perhaps we could explore Canada for new snark (none)
    The solution is the market. A shortage of snark will increase the price, and make it worthwhile to search the frozen wastes of Canada, or perhaps even Alaska.

    What is the risk that snark will be found in an environmentally protected area?


    •  I propose a snark depletion allowance (none)
      We should be able to deduct the use of snark on our taxes. That is how the government deals with non-renewable resources, Right?

      We need to write the Republicans in the House and propose this. They must be running out of ideas for good tax breaks faster even than we are running out of snark.

      I'm sure they would appreciate our help writing this new Christmas Tree bill going through Congress right now.

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